The Swedish Mod Maker

We pride ourselves in presenting to you our KronigBox 18650 and 21700, the result of intricate engineering and design. Perfected by the handcrafted stabilized wood panel making every KronigBox unique and one of a kind.

Our Mods

Krönig Mods is a high end mod maker based in Stockholm, Sweden. Our vision is to combine Nordic aesthetics, fine craftsmanship and aeronautical engineering to present a mechanical mod of the highest standard both in appearance and user experience.

Our Stabwood

Each unique panel is handcrafted to perfection!

Stabilizing the wood comes with advantages such as moisture resistance, durability and is much less prone to warping, chipping or cracking. It’s the ideal decorative material for mods as it’s hard wearing yet tactile and visually unique. 

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A short video to show you how to disassemble and clean your Krönig 

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